Max Ottenberg has secrets he would like to share, if only someone would listen. More like a child in a fully-grown man’s body, Max is broken. He carries the aftermath of abuse that has forever altered him. He battles his demons daily and wants nothing more than to be fixed. 


Confused by his sexuality, Max winds up in jail. A crafty lawyer gets him released but with his sickness exposed, Max is bullied by coworkers and outcast by the community. Even his own mother thinks he’s a creep. 


His closest companion is a mannequin who silently judges him. He yearns for a true friend, no matter who. His desperation leads Max into trouble again. A young boy has gone missing and Max is being questioned about his disappearance. 


When more people become interested in the case, it seems Max is only one of the many broken lives in this small Lake Michigan town. As the water rises and the dune sands shift, more secrets are uncovered. 


the Setting

Set in the fictional town of Barrington, Indiana and surrounded by the hauntingly unique landscape of the Great Lakes dunes (never before filmed for episodic media), is the world of Broken. It’s the midwest like you’ve never seen it. Nestled among the “singing” sand, steel mills, country clubs and trailer parks are shattered lives. Everyone has a dark side and it is this cold human condition that is explored through the characters of Broken.

max ottenberg

Max’s only friend is a wooden artist’s mannequin. He can share his secrets with his friend. He can talk about what happened to him. Wooden though it may be, Max is still judged by it. Judged for what he’s done. Judged for what he’s about to do.

Played by Tony Casale


alexis ronan

Superstar attorney, Alexis Ronan knows this is a dangerous world. She’s defended some pretty interesting characters and fought to give them a fair chance. But now she’s on the offense. Her son, Elijah, has gone missing and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to find him. Whatever. It. Takes.

Played by Michelle Mueller

anonymous woman

What better way to confront your past than by making a documentary about the people involved in that horrible thing that happened so long ago? Each interview, though, takes her deeper into the rabbit hole. Careful now.

Played by Kari Jane Kramer



Amber is the life partner and conscience of Anonymous Woman and she loves her unconditionally. She just never imagined the conditions would be this intense.

Played by Bethany Libby


aunt carol

Max’s chain-smoking aunt has a story or two to tell about Max as a kid. You just have to find her behind those mountains of hoarder junk. Sheesh, that whole family is messed up.

Played by Jamie Newell


elijah ronan

It’s been several months since he went missing. Mama’s coming for you, Elijah. Mama’s coming.

Played by Riley Jackson Moore


young anonymous woman

There was once a day when Anonymous Woman wasn't broken. So many years ago.

Played by Halle Drennan


forensic pathologist

This dude has seen it all. Every excruciating detail of every horrible crime committed in Barrington, Indiana. There seem to be more of them these days. The latest body? You don’t want to know.

Played by José Santiago


good neighbor

She has a picket fence. And a porch. She likes to keep an eye on things in the neighborhood. If she sees something she doesn’t like, she’ll let you know about it. If she sees something she really doesn’t like, well, she’ll deal with it the old fashioned way.

Played by Wendye Clarendon


the hunter

The Indiana dunes are his hunting ground. Peaceful. Solitary. Scenic. It’s a beautiful location to witness something that haunts you the rest of your life.

Played by Jeff Puckett



What is it about handsome jocks that makes them total a-holes? Shelly deserves way better than this guy.

Played by James McGowan



Penelope is everyone’s best friend. She trusts people. Why shouldn’t she? They smile too. So innocent. So, so innocent. She might be the only unbroken soul in the whole town. So far.

Played by Kylie Sullivan


the psychologist

Gordon’s pretty full of himself. He’s got lots of certificates and diplomas and awards and jeez is he handsome. He also just happens to have Max and Alexis as patients, so he knows some very interesting things about them. He’s about to pick up another patient. Just who might that be?

Played by Chris Love



Oh, Shelly. Why are you so naive sometimes? Why do you have that asshole boyfriend? Why on earth do you have pity for Max? Can’t you see what he is? Or do you see something we don’t?

Played by Elizabeth Stenholt


young max

Everyone’s a kid once. Sometimes you’re a kid forever.

Played by Carter Graf